Lone Jet, Dulles Takeoff Viewed From Germantown, Maryland


Janelia Research Campus

I was able to work with Pentagram again for another illustration project. This time it’s a poster series for Janelia Research Campus’ various programs. I knew that there was going to be a good chunk of copy/text in the posters so I wanted to make the illustrations complement the layout. I used negative space, graphical lines and curves to complete the whole look. :)

Hope y’all like it. Yey!

Client: Pentagram / Janelia Research Campus
Art Director: Simon Blockley

untitled on Flickr.

Loews Cinema, Gaithersburg, Maryland

“Our evidence that Europeans today harbor ancestry that wasn’t present in the first farmers is important as it shows directly that there was a major movement of people into Europe after the advent of agriculture,” Reich said. “This motivates further ancient DNA work to try and figure out what archaeological cultures were responsible for bringing this ancestry.”

David Reich, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Harvard University